Tia Johnson of Tia Johnson LLC has been a workshop presenter for GNOS (Girls Night Out Slumber Party) Columbus Chapter since 2013. During our interaction Tia has always been just a ball of positive energy, which is a great characteristic to have when working with girls ages 6-18 yrs of age. The topic of discussion with our girls is Financial Literacy. This topic for an audience of this age group can sometimes be difficult to put into words. Tia comes in with exceptional communication skills and finds a way to get her message out to our girls in a manner in which they can understand. She makes sure that her topic of discussion is age appropriate and she always engages in effective questioning. Her ability to ask the “right” questions allows her to make sure that her audience “gets” it.

Another area in which Tia breaks down the barriers in is engagement. The girls that we bring together within our organization are only together for two days during a conference. Tia is great at developing games in which there are teams, this allows our girls to get to know each other and develop a sense of comraderie while learning. Tia has done a fantastic job of taking a subject that can be a little overwhelming and making it fun.

On every occasion that I have dealt with Tia she has made sure that she is on time, professional, and reliable. Tia requires minimal supervision which for me is a great characteristic. I am overseeing a program that incorporates 100 girls ages 6-18 and I need workshop presenters who know how to hold their own. Tia is very thorough in communicating what she needs from me as the Manager of this organization to in turn give a desired outcome using her natural abilities.

I am so grateful to have worked with Tia and intend to use her services for upcoming events if her availability allows. I wholeheartedly endorse Tia Johnson and will furnish more details if you would like anything additional.