“A friend may be waiting behind a stranger’s face.”
-Maya Angelou, Letter to My Daughter
Dear Daughter:

To my dearest daughters, as you grow older I want you to fly out like a free bird and pursue all your dreams. Live life to the fullest and make sure that your happiness is second to none. And while you are at it, just remember; I’m always here. Your life is so important to me. Daughter you are full of promise. Your daily return home is another worry free night. I know you are no fool and understand money can’t buy happiness. But it feels good every time we go shopping, take trips or even just to be able to get the things you need. Education, shelter, food etc.. My talks are my way of exposing you to the simple fact that you do not have to follow the trend and change along with the world. I see confidence and high self esteem in you. With that good money skills is a must. You will never compromise yourself for a dollar or work a dead end job just to make ends meet. All your talents will be put to work; like a master piece you will stand out. 

Heart To Heart:

footstep-quotes-mother-daughter-quotes I can remember the day I brought her home and how I was the twinkle of her eye. We give our children great advice that goes in one ear and out the other. The moment someone else gives the same information they hear it for the first time. We all have experienced this at some point. We have tried to tell our girls how important is it to do well in school, choose healthy relationships and don’t spend every dollar she gets but you are just the mom… Our daughter is more likely to listen to peers and outside influences when making decisions. We know loving our daughter goes beyond clothing and feeding her. Making sure she has a good life is all we want. As poverty becomes a topic talked about more and more, we should start teaching financial education early. Give her the advantage in life she needs. Poor money skills impact our health, relationships, jobs, credit and mental health.

In no uncertain terms:

As parents we have a proactive approach to ensure we provide the best possibilities for our girls. No parent has ever said I want to wait until my daughter has made all the mistakes before I teach her any skills. Instead we take our knowledge and pour into them. We hire tutors for education and music. Coaches help build up our young athletic and as your financial mentor I offers a sense of relief. We know our schools do not teach the fundamental of financial management and psychology. Our parents told us to go to school, get good grades and you will live your dream life. We know it takes a little more then those directions. With rising cost of college, personal debt and long term benefits availability being questioned I am a mentor on your side for your tween or teen girl. Our program is positive and proactive way for your daughter to build and discover her gifts. Taken the uncertainty out of your daughters financial future. Connecting your daughter with me can change her whole life. It takes only the smallest of changes that makes a difference. One person poured into me and shifted my belief in myself. Im so exited to help. Let’s celebrate another milestone together

Have you seen or experienced her being over critical of her appearance, struggling with school, friends, and life balance?

Has she stopped confiding in you about the details of what is happening in the day to day?

Help her grasp a deeper sense of herself and her value. Your daughter has leadership potential, but may not know how to utilize her gifts.

Go shopping? Watch movies? Play video games? Listen to music? Go out to eat with friends? Or maybe someday, would you like to drive your very own car?
To do a lot of things we love, we almost always need to use money

Guide her to knowing that money does not grows on tress and prepare for her goals.

You will see her equipped and empowered financial literacy!Don’t you want her to be able to make good decisions about money and her future?

You have come to the right place.

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Here is to Success,