Never Give Up

There have been times in my life when I felt like my future was ruined due a series of unfortunate events. That mindset resulted in financial misfortune, social anxiety and a series of mental struggles. Personally, I understand what it means for financial challenges to create a lifestyle of stress. For many years, that was my story; struggling to pay bills and barely making ends meet. However, it was the financial hurdles that caused me to begin evaluating the root of my problems instead of trying to remedy the side effects. Yes, I knew I wanted to make more money, but more money was not going to help me achieve my true goals of financial freedom and responsibility. I had to face my reality: I never learned how to manage money, save smart, invest in the future or create wealth for my children. Facing that truth moved me to change my habits and create a plan that would forever change my reality. I had hit an all time low in my life, but I was determined to provide a better life for my children. Now, not only have I been able to step into the life I want, I’m able to equip others to do the same.

Most of us spend our lives simply getting by and hoping for change because we’re not prepared for journey. My aim is teaching young girls everywhere to be the heroines of their own story and thrive. The life experiences, education, failures and successes I’ve endured have fueled my passion as a mentor for tween and teen girls with a focus financial literacy and empowerment. As a mentor, my passion has provided me the opportunity to build relationships, break down barriers and move people to take the action needed to live in their purpose. Knowing someone won’t have to endure the challenges I had to face is the best part of what I do.

Been There… Done That

Like most people, I made my fair share of questionable decisions as an adolescent. I often felt that no one really knew what I was going through and I had to endure my situations alone. There have been countless times I’ve thought to myself “I wish I knew then, what I know now” because I would have done a lot of things differently.

Being raised by a single mother created a sense of independence and desperation to be able to provide for myself. We’ve all heard “money doesn’t grow on trees,” but I knew that opportunities were somewhere and it was my job to find them or create them. By the age of 11, I had a paper route and was getting up every morning at 4 a.m. because all I wanted was that independence. Over the years, I learned to make money but the problem was I didn’t save any of it. Eventually, I learned to save, but I still lacked the financial acumen needed to properly manage my finances. Anyone can make money, anyone can learn to save money. However, crafting a strategic plan for the journey to financial freedom and empowerment requires an arsenal of tools, skills and guidance. My financial literacy mentoring program is designed to offer exactly that. The young girls learn to successfully navigate the systems that effect their financial future and the confidence to successfully execute every plan.

It only took one person to invest in me and the potential I carried inside myself. Because someone did it for me, I want to do it for every young girl I work with.

Rising Above

Today, I am a successful entrepreneur, recognized mentor to girls and certified financial education instructor. I am the expert of financial literacy for the 21st century girl.

In a society that has esteemed and created avenues for young men and boys to become financial tycoons, it is my personal pleasure teaching girls to be in control of their destiny and become financially savvy. Our girls must be equipped to become their best self; areas of character building, healthy relationships, wealth building and body image are integral to empowerment.

The girls you care about must start building their financial road map now. Connect her with the very best program to unlock the G.I.F.T (Girls Investment For Tomorrow) she is.


  • Believing in your ability to succeed

  • Develop your financial roadmap 

  • Support short-long term goals

  • Holding very high standards for you 

  • Being kind, respectful, and patient

  • Mentoring you to find solutions to challenges that will inevitably come up

  • Sharing feedback and mentoring when I notice limiting thoughts, beliefs, patterns or behaviors that are interfering with your growth and success

  • Being willing to tell you what I think would be most helpful to you, even if it isn’t what you want or were expecting to hear

  • Holding you accountable to make wise choices

  •  Recommending additional resources as needed

  • Discovering your strenght and weakness using skill builder

  • Caring about you and taking a stand for your health, happiness and success!

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