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The Life & Financial Empowerment Mentor

A G.I.F.T for a greater tomorrow

Protecting our daughters is at the top of our to do list. There are so many reasons why loving them is easy. Our daughter are faced with a tremendous amount of challenges. The influence from tv, school, technology, peers and others puts pressure on her and makes it difficult for them to make the right decision. Let me help solve the problem. It is essential to learn lifestyle choices early. As a parent I desire the best for my daughter and as a mentor I desire the same for your daughter in these areas include:

  • Self-Confidence
  • Leadership skills
  • Financial indepence with respect
  • Handling financial decision and making better choices
  • Savy about money management
  • Facts: What money can’t buy

Together we will encourage, teach and transform.

You will see improvements in these areas of personal development:

  • Character building
  • Healthy relationships
  • Money management
  • Body image

Here are some of the benefits for working with Tia:

  • Enhanced relationships with parents and peers
  • Being poised and confident about who she is and her gifts
  • Permission to make a “B” – not being perfect but becoming her best self
  • Empower her to discovering her true potential

Give your daughter the opportunity to become all she was meant to be. A gift to herself, to you and tomorrow! Lets chat below.