We are not just creating legacy. We are building dreams.

The Stilettos and Stock Universe  is designed to help women have a place of support while they take action on their personal finances to create a strong foundation.  It’s a nice idea to think about growing your money, but if you are drowning in debt or don’t have a safety-net established, then growing your money may be a risk you cannot yet take.  Building a strong foundation is the first step to building a brighter future.

Too Common

Sometimes we have more concerns about money than money itself. That’s why I’ve created a space where all women have access to the proper resources and support.  Stilettos & Stocks University, women gain the tools needed to control and improve their financial future. When a woman is able to understand and navigate the financial world effectively, anything is possible. Everyone faces financial hurdles, but it is the lack of understanding that make the financial problems impossible to overcome. Estate planning, debt, inheritance, student loans, trust funds, tax breaks, compound interest, liabilities, assets, inflation, etc…

As a woman who is uniquely positioned and standing with a higher perspective in heels, Stocks & Stilettoes University is where you can learn the secrets that bridge the gap between financial capability and an amazing financial reality!

  • The problem

  • Living paycheck-to-paycheck

  • Over withdrawing from ATM

  • Uncontrollable Spending

  • Have no emergency savings to handle unexpected expenses.

  • Mountains of credit card debt

  • Uninformed financial decisions

  • Lack of understanding and long term effects

  • Unfulfilled life

Long Lasting Effects

Limited Social Security

Failed Marriages

Spoiled Children

Emotional Distress


Greater Financial Well-being:

When a women is secure in her finances she

Control over your cash flow

Protect your purchasing power

Makes informed financial decisions for her and her family,

Better understand causes and consequences

Gains adequate financial skills not only for her but also for future generations

She always get paid her worth; no less than what her skills and value brings

You can make a difference at a time when more Americans are struggling to pull their finances together and plan for the future

Build Your Future

Solve financial problems
Meet financial goals
Have a trust coach and mentor to help along the way

Build Your Financial Frame to the perfect Picture

Get more effective at managing your money with the following free financial resources and tools. Whether you have a specific goal in mind that you need resources to support or you simply want to build a better financial outlook, we can help. Download hands-on activities and informational sheets to bring the financial skills to life

If you have any questions or need help please contact me at 614-602-1842

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